Easy Japanese Cooking with Fiona Uyema

A self-taught cook, food-writer and author, Fiona Uyema is one of Ireland’s leading Japanese cooks and cookery instructors. Passionate about bringing the art of Japanese home-cooking into kitchens across the country and further afield, her first book, Japanese Food Made Easy’ was published by Mercier Press in September 2015 and is available to purchase.

Fiona Uyema’s love of the Japanese language, culture and cuisine began in Dublin City University where she studied Japanese and International Marketing. Having spent three years living in the beautiful village of Nishiyama located in the Japanese region of Niigata, Fiona quickly immersed herself in learning about Japanese food from families and friends she got to know during her time there. After an introduction to her now husband Gilmar, her love of Japan was sealed.

Japanese Diet

Low in fat and high in both protein and anti-oxidants, the Japanese diet is renowned for being one of the healthiest in the world. Bringing the philosophy of ‘balance’ to all their cooking, a typical Japanese home-cooked meal is a nutritionally balanced one with rice, soup and several other communal dishes including vegetables, fish and meat.

With key ingredients that form the basics of Japanese cooking now widely available, Fiona believes that creating tasty, healthy, Asian style Japanese dishes with minimal fuss is possible for everyone. From Bento Boxes to Onigiri and Sushi to Sashimi, Fiona applies simple techniques to fresh ingredients to create mouth-watering home cooked Japanese food for the every-day kitchen and home cook.

Fiona Uyema, Ireland’s Japanese Cuisine Queen

Fiona is no stranger to TV where she has appeared on RTE and TV3 showing some of her amazing recipes. In the international arena, Fiona was featured on NHK World which is broadcasted across 140 countries/regions. She has featured extensively in some of Ireland’s biggest publications such as The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner, Easy Food, FOOD & WINE, IMAGE Magazine and The RTÉ Guide. She regularly gives demonstrations and talks at Ireland’s leading food festivals such as Bloom, Taste of Dublin and Savour Kilkenny.

Fiona now lives in Co. Kildare with her husband and two sons where she teaches workshops, provides corporate classes on the art of Japanese cooking, provides consultancy to restaurants and the food industry and blogs about her Japanese food adventures on “Fiona’s Japanese Cooking Blog”.