Creating Japanese Cuisine with Fiona Uyema

Fiona Uyema offers a range of Japanese cookery classes designed for everybody from  beginners to the more confident of cooks.

In small classes of up to 16, participants start with an introduction to Japanese ingredients followed by hands-on cooking and tasting of the dishes such as yakisoba, sushi, salmon teriyaki, and miso soup. Throughout the class you will also learn the very basics of Japanese food culture and dining etiquette.

Fiona also offers private Japanese cookery classes in the comfort of your own home, an ideal event for special family occasions or get-togethers. All ingredient lists, recipes and suppliers are provided to participants. A copy of Fiona’s book ‘Japanese Food Made Easy’ is also available to participants at a reduced price.

Throughout the Japanese cookery class, participants learn (example):

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  1. An introduction to Japanese food culture and dining etiquette
  2. Basic Japanese Ingredients and where to shop
  3. How to create balanced Japanese menus / food plans
  4. How to make sushi rolls from cooking sushi rice, prepare sushi fillings and sushi rolling
  5. How to cook some of the most popular Japanese dishes such as Yakisoba, Japanese Curry, Salmon Teriyaki
  6. How to make light desserts with a Japanese twist
  7. How to make matcha (green powdered tea)