Japanese Cooking Classes for Corporate Events

The perfect Japanese inspired event for your corporate team.

Having first studied Marketing with Japanese in Dublin College University, Fiona Uyema previously worked with companies such as Hewlett Packard before embarking upon her journey into the world of Japanese food.

With her business background, Fiona creates tailor-made classes for companies seeking creative and effective incentive events for employees/staff.

Fiona’s workshops are a bespoke combination of her Japanese Cooking Classes with team activities designed to suit the technical abilities of those in attendance.

To find out more about Fiona Uyema’s Japanese corporate cooking classes or to start planning your event contact us.

Corporate cooking experiences include (example):

  1. Fun and interactive hands-on cookery classes
  2. Cookery demonstrations to cater for larger audiences with tastings of the dishes
  3. Health & Well-Being Programmes, The Japanese Way
  4. 5 key elements of Japanese diet (5-week challenge)
  5. Harahachibu approach – eat until 80% full