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"In Japanese Food Made Easy, Fiona Uyema uses her experience of living in Japan to demystify Japanese cooking and make it accessible to the homecook. Her cookbook is filled with practical information and guidelines, from a pantry list of basic Japanese ingredients and where to buy them; to recipes for yakitori, tempura and sushi and a useful Bento Planner. It is truly… Japanese food made easy."  SUNDAY TIMES - Corinna Hardgrave


"Fiona has inspired students in my cookery school teaching Japanese Food Made Easy, so much so that we wanted more! And now we have it! This beautifully illustrated book makes mouth-wateringly delicious Japanese food accessible in everyday cooking." Catherine Fulvio


"Japanese Food Made Easy is a fantastic resource for those who adore Japanese food and want to make it at home. The recipes are easy to follow and the end results are delicious. It is a must have for those lovers of Japanese cuisine, like myself!" TODAY FM - Alison Curtis

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